The Full Story

"Get Moving. Stay Moving" is more than a motto, it's a belief in everyone's right to feel good. And this is where it all started. Read the Flexpower origin story.

Feeling good radiates from every choice you make. It’s in the things you actively engage in, and totally believe in. It’s everything you embrace. It's your "flex."

Everything we do is for one goal: To help you feel good. Whatever moves you, moves us. Don't let anything stand between you and those activities that make you feel alive, engaged, and energized.

How We Got Here

Flexpower has been helping professional athletes feel good in natural, effective ways since 2000. Founded by South Central Los Angeles native and athlete Rasheen Smith, Flexpower is now focused on helping everyone embrace a brighter, healthier, more active life without pain.

What We're About

Our DNA is as unique as our products.  We are a mix of athlete-tested, high-performance pain relief and a California-born love of healthy, positive activity.  We're out to change the way you think about pain relief - What if it wasn't something you reached for while you were actually in pain, but something you used every day, to start (or end) your day feeling your best? This is what drives us.

Where We're Going

A lot of times, people look at wellness brands and don't see themselves. Feeling good is ageless, limitless, and selfless.


Rasheen Smith

Rasheen founded Flexpower in 2000, inspired by his love of sports and passion for building innovative companies. He nurtured the brand from a healthy, more natural pain relief solution for high-level athletes to a global health and wellness brand. Born and raised in   South Central Los Angeles and a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Rasheen has always maintained Flexpower’s strong Cali roots. 


Heather Vandenberghe

Heather has spent over 20 years in luxury and retail branding and marketing for iconic brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, and Westfield. She brings extensive experience in dynamic brand growth and innovative digital transformation, as well as her own deep “made in California” roots. Heather was born and raised in Los Angeles and received her BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara and her MA from Stanford University.