Cool Bath Salts with Eucalyptus & Lime

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A deep cleansing breath, now in bath form. If you tend to run hot, or are just looking for a complete end-of-the-day refresh, let the combined scents of eucalyptus and lime - and the calming essence of Arnica - do their thing.

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Ingredients: Arnica, sea salt, Vitamin E, Eucalyptus, Epsom salt, lime, sunflower seed oil

How To Use

Pour 2 scoopfuls of bath salts (with the scoop provided) into a warm bath. Soak and enjoy!


Bath Salts: Flexpower Cool

How long does a container of Flexpower Bath Salts last?
Our bath salts remain fresh and potent for two years after the package is initially opened.

Are Flexpower Bath Salts free of parabens and sulfates? 
Yes, they are paraben and sulfate free. 

What are the benefits of Eucalyptus and Lime?
Eucalyptus has been used to ease joint pain, soothe cold sores, and disinfect wounds for a long time -  there is even evidence it was a natural remedy used by the Aboriginal people of Australia for centuries. Limes have an abundance of Vitamin C and have been shown to help reduce inflammation and even strengthen collagen to help rejuvenate skin. 

How long do Flexpower Bath Salts take to dissolve?
They dissolve immediately in water.

How many soaks can I get out of one 12oz container?
Each 12oz container will provide you with enough salts for 6 baths (each scoop is 1oz, and we recommend 2 scoops in every bath).

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Eucalyptus & Lime


Let Arnica ease overworked joints


Warm bath + eucalyptus & lime = deep breath relaxation


If you run hot all day, this is your ideal cool down

The Flexpower Cool Experience

Eucalyptus is known to have clearing effects on your respiratory system, helping clearing lungs and sinuses - so when you mix that with the bracing citrus crispness of lime, you have a refreshing cocktail like no other.


Evergreen Impact: What Eucalyptus Can Do For You

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